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3 Tips for Branding Your Event

event branding at Brighton MarathonWhen it comes to event branding, whether it's a marathon, a roadshow or a fun run, there are lots of great ways to promote your brand and that of your sponsors. If you want to make a big impact you need to remind the people running or taking part in the event who is giving them the experience and do it at every opportunity. If you watch the Olympic Games, or any other big sporting events you will be in no doubt who is running or sponsoring it, with everything from banners to flags and even the uniforms worn by stewards will all be branded.

So here are 3 tips to help you brand your next event...


1. Your Message
What is the overall message of your event? You need to make sure that whether you want to create a feeling good feeling about your brand or want to communicate a key message about your company that it's incorporated into everything that you do, from printed material through to banners, clothing and the announcements over the PA system.

2. Signage
Making sure that everyone can find their way to the start, and finish as well as the toilets, refreshment tents, water stations or food stalls is vitally important. It means you can control the flow of people to key areas and reduce the load on stewards and officials directing people to where they need to go. Whether you use PVC banners, PVC mesh on scaffold or even feather flags to guide people to key areas, it's important to plan in advance and work out the signage you need to ensure the event is a success.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote
There are countless ways to promote your brand at your event. Once you know what your core message or goal is, then look at all the opportunities to position your key message, sponsors or your brand in front of the crowds. Here are just a few ideas...

* Heras Fencing - if you have hired in fencing, then don't leave it bare, get some fabulous branded fabric panels to cover it. They can be printed with images, logos or some encouraging words to encourage or direct the crowds.

* Barrier Jackets/Covers - as with Heras fencing if you have lots of crowds barriers you might want to consider getting some barrier covers. They are ideal for defining different areas at your event or to promote your brand to the crowds.

* Feather Flags - flags are a great way of marking out routes or lining the finish to a race. They also make great signage as they can be seen above the crowds. With feather flags up to 5m in height they can be seen from a distance and help people find their way around your event.

* Pop Out Banners - if you want portable signage or promotional banners then pop out banners are ideal. Similar to pop up tents, they just pop out of the bag and give you branding in an instant. Most of them can be anchored with pegs into grass so they are safe and secure and you can move them around the event to where they are needed.

* Pop Up Marquees/Gazebos - if you want a quick and easy way to set up refreshment stations, shelters, or registration areas then pop up marquees are ideal. They can be printed to the design of your choice and also fold down into a bag so they can be re-used for future events or easily carried across fields to places that would be inaccessible by car.

* PVC Mesh Banners - these banners are great for the start and finish of a race or as the entrance to an event as they are lightweight and can cover scaffold safely and make sure your brand is prominent from the moment people arrive.

These are just a few ideas for branding your event, there are plenty more such as handwavers, large format banners, or PVC banners.

By Joanne Morley