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Author Archives: Northern Flags

  • Why signage is crucial for your company and what to consider


    It's key to utilize signage effectively

    If you want to run a successful retail business then you need to get noticed and ensure your brand message comes across loud and clear. Successful retailers know that signage is the key.

    As a potential customer walks by your shop you have about three seconds to let them know what they will find inside. Professional signage doesn’t just simply attract customers, if implemented correctly it provides just the right amount of information and invites customers into your business to try your product.

    At the end of the day simplicity is key to the success of your signage. Keep your message short, coherent and direct. You will increase footfall, and avoid confusing your customer and as a result you should see an increase in your sales. Remember, signage is your key call to action from the outside in, so make sure your message is clear.

    Sometimes you need think about what statement you want to make. That’s why large billboard signs are important to grab people’s attention in the street and encourage them to visit your shop. Make sure your choices of fonts are crisp, clear and visible from a distance.

    Professional signage doesn’t have to come at a significant expense. The crucial aspect is ensuring that the imagery created can project the message required about your brand and products. Make sure that your design is simple a legible and is in the correct CMYK colour format required for print. If this is something you know will be tough to achieve consult one of our design team who offer a comprehensive artwork check and proof service.

    It’s worth noting that varying your use of print materials can help elevate your campaigns. Be it wooden boards to window graphics to tension fabric light boxes, each material has its own unique set of advantages when it comes to signage and branding.

    The last thing to consider is the lifespan of your signage. Is it for a temporary sale or is it an external shop sign that will need to stand the test of time. Therefore think about what you require from your signage and consider the best materials and print processes to get the most from your signs.

    Retail Signage Musts

    • Be Specific and consistent with your message
    • Keep fonts clear and visible and overall keep the design simple.
    • Make a Call To Action


  • Northern Flags' Print Lead on the importance of Green Printing

    Northern Flags' Print Lead Andy Devine discusses the importance of Green Printing solutions

    Northern Flags' Print Lead Andy Devine discusses the importance of Green Printing solutions

    One of Northern Flags' newest team members, print lead Andy Devine has been talking to the West Yorkshire chamber of commerce about the importance of environmental regulations and why he considers green printing to be integral to the future of the print industry.

    “We specialize in Digital Print production here at Northern Flags and we welcome environmental regulation as it provides us with positive enforcement in two important areas.

    Firstly is the environmental impact our production methods have. In the current market it is commonplace for a manufacturer to be environmentally conscious and we are strong advocates of this approach. An example of our commitment to curbing the environmental impact of our production process was the decision to invest in latex printing technologies over solvent based technology in our new U.K facility. Although Latex is more expensive to operate, the inclusion of these machines allows us to provide a safer, cleaner working environment and to reduce the amount of environmentally harmful emissions outputted from our production facility.

    Secondly is wastage.  By reducing the environmental impact of our business practices, we learn new ways to be efficient, which ultimately benefits the business itself. As wastage is reduced, it allows us to reduce our operating costs and enables us to re-invest those savings into other areas of the business. Such as employing new staff or doing R&D on new technologies or products. Helping expand the business into new areas and improve its capabilities.

    To view environmental regulation as a hindrance is a rather negative point of view. They’re there for a good reason and if you support their purpose and you consider the implementation green printing, they can be of great benefit.”

    Northern Flags' new print facility is equipped with state of the art print equipment. For more information on what we can produce for you, click here.

  • Northern Flags Produce Europe's Largest Fabric Banner

    Pioneering print production at Northern Flags ensured fans in Wembley enjoyed a thrilling FA cup final opening ceremony with the inclusion of Europe’s largest fabric banner.

    This year’s FA cup final marked a new era in proceedings in one of sports’ most prestigious cup competitions. The opening ceremony was on a scale unseen before at a European domestic cup final..

    The cornerstone of this ambitious undertaking was the development and production of one of the largest pieces of digital fabric print produced for a major sporting event and the largest fabric banner produced in Europe.

    Relishing the challenge of engineering such an ambitious piece, Northern Flags’ managing director Iain Clasper talked of his pride at taking on the challenge. ‘This 10500Sqm of digital print took all of our combined print production knowledge at the Faber Exposize Group and seeing it all come together on the grandest stage of them all (Wembley) was certainly a proud moment and a highlight of my career in fabric production.

    Commenting on the demands of the project Iain added ‘Having the pool of resources across the groups UK, Dutch and Polish facilities guaranteed that we could deliver not only the pitch cover but the ceremonial and display flags, streamers and large kabuki team banners within a tight turnaround time.

    The scale of the project certainly created interesting challenges.

    Such was the enormity of the opening ceremonies centre piece a literal army of volunteers from her majesty’s armed forces were required to haul over three tons of material over the hallowed turf of Wembley to reveal the2016 FA cup finalists’ club badges.

    With the success of this uniquely challenging print project, the experience gained further cemented Northern Flag’s and the Faber Exposize group’s credentials as leaders in the wide format digital print industry and

    To read more, please click here.

    Call the Quotes team on 0113 205 5180 to order your items today.

    Fabric Banner

    Northern Flags produced Europe's largest fabric banner for the 2016 FA Cup Final.





  • SALE: Premium Roller Banners now only £39

    To celebrate the arrival of our in-house UK Print Facility, Roller Banners are only £39* including Rapid Printing!

    Roller Banners are an essential, cost-effective item that all businesses benefit from having in their Marketing Toolkit. Portable, lightweight and long-lasting due to them being printed on Northern Flags Premium Anti-Curl Grey Back PVC.

    Special Offer! £39 each for a Premium Roller Banner printed on Anti-Curl Grey Back PVC, mounted in an oxidated aluminium roller cassette. Includes carry bag.

    To read more, please click here.

    Call the Quotes team on 0113 205 5180 to order your items today.

    *Based on a 2m x 800cm Roller Banner. Other sizes are available at various prices, please call 0113 205 5180 for Quote. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Christmas Opening Times

    Closing for Christmas at 12PM on the 23rd of December
    Re-opening 9AM on Monday 4th January

    It has been a very busy run up to the festive season here at Northern Flags HQ. With our UK print facility finally up and running, website & brochure redesigns and the development of Faber UK, I think we are all ready for an Eggnog or two! We hope all of our customer and contacts have a fab end to 2015 too!

    - From the Elves at Northern Flags x



  • Our UK Print Facility is complete!

    No sooner has the print room been completed here in Leeds than the first of our new printers has arrived. The latest generation HP Latex 360 gives astonishing print quality and will start shipping Roller Banners; PVC Banners; Exhibition Graphics and wallpapers from January.
    Northern Flags will be able to offer same day production in the UK utilising the latest Dye Sublimation and Latex print technology.
    The team from Perfect Colours have started training some of our production team on our new printer. This wide format printer offers tremendous product flexibility - contact the sales team for launch offers.
    The second floor will be Northern Flags new Pick and Pack Centre. Increasingly we are holding large stocks of custom POS for client pick and pack draw down. For further information on our sourcing and stock holding services, please click here.



  • Northern Flags has got the builders in!

    It has been an exciting few weeks at Northern Flags as construction has started on our UK print facility. This will be a state of the art production house to complement our high volume facilities in Poland, Holland, France and Thailand. UK produced print will start shipping in January. Stay posted to see the project develop by visiting our Twitter page or LinkedIn company page.

    Untitled design(15)

  • Sewing Machinist/Print Cutter and Finisher - Full and Part time positions

    Northern Flags currently have vacancies for full and part time Machinists to join our new finishing department. Candidates must possess experience with Industrial sewing machines and be flexible in their availability to accommodate the peaks of demand for clients. In addition to sewing the successful candidates will also be expected to undertake cutting, packing and other types of finishing on both fabric and other Point of Sale Products.

    As part of our production team you will be responsible for finishing items such as Flags, Feather Flags, Banners and Exhibition walls, Event Tents, Roller Banners and Promotional Furniture.

    Northern Flags are one of the leading players in the industry. Historically most of our production has been manufactured at our overseas factories but we are bringing a large proportion of our smaller digital orders into our new UK production facility. Our finishing department works to short deadlines and requires very high productivity levels from all team members. You are expected to be able to finish items based on line drawings and written instructions with high degrees of accuracy, therefore numeracy and English skills and comprehension are essential.

    A positive personality and an ability to effectively manage and deliver a diverse set of production tasks are essential. A flexible can do attitude in allowing us to create new innovative solutions for clients is also a key advantage.

    Salary range is £6.50hr - £8.45hr depending on experience and productivity.

    Please email diane@northernflags.com with your CV and a cover note.

  • Quickfire Q&A with MD, Iain Clasper-Cotte

    Managing Director at Northern Flags, Iain Clasper-Cotte enters the hot seat.



    What is your current position and key responsibilities Northern Flags?
    I am the MD and part owner of the company. So the buck stops here and so it should! At Northern Flags, I am lucky to have a great team so I spend a lot of my time with our customers and on initiatives for the future while the team keep things running efficiently. Over the past year, our biggest project has been building our new state of the art UK Print facility to supplement Europe’s biggest network of Fabric Factories.


    When did you start working at Northern Flags?
    I joined over 4 years ago when Sandy, who set the company up with Faber Vlaggen, decided to retire. I had been in senior roles in large media groups; here at Faber UK/Northern Flags the opportunity was so exciting that I decided to buy 25% of the company!


    What is your favourite thing about working at Northern Flags?
    We bring brands to life at all kinds of events and retail environments, clients just love the way we add excitement and visibility to their above-the-line campaigns, we all find this very rewarding. I love the way that we all rush to the window when we are testing new print products for our clients in the car park!


    What did you do before joining Northern Flags?
    Immediately before joining I was Development Director for Bauer Media’s broadcast division – this involved running new businesses from web sites to record labels. Before that, I led radio stations and worked in media sales houses. It was a great background to bring to the POS print market as I am used to working with major brands on their promotional campaigns.


    What do you like to do in your spare time?
    What spare time? With 6 kids I am an off peak taxi service!  I have decided to try and remedy this and just started sailing again. My boat obviously has a flag on the back!!!


    List 3 goals in your life to-do list:
    1.    We intend to triple the size of Faber in the UK over the next 5 years, we are well on the way which is great
    2.     I want to get my Yacht Master Certificate so I can disappear off into the sunset when the time comes
    3.    Move from proud parent to doting, interfering Grandfather


    Any hobbies?
    Music and more recently, sailing.


    Do you have any party tricks?
    None that can be published!


    If you could meet anybody from the past or present, who would it be?
    I used to love Luther Vandross; I saw him live many times before he left the planet and would love to discuss us printing his Stage Backdrops for the concert stage on his cloud.


    What is your biggest success up until now?
    In life, the kids obviously. In work, I have been very lucky with a couple of great achievements such as Radio Station of the year for Juice FM, launching Emap’s broadcast sales operation, leading the team at Workmoose a job website, presenting a hugely successful Dance Show on Red Dragon radio and of course starting the journey here at Northern Flags.

  • Event Tents | Gazebos | Instant Shelters

    Our Event Tents have proved very popular this summer.  We have a great range of Event Tents, Gazebos or Instant Shelters to suit your needs. Whether you require a drinking station for a sporting event or if you're attending an exhibition, our range of customised tents are ideal.

    The tents can be fully printed on the canopy, walls or valance with the artwork of your choice ensuring that your marquee stands out from the crowd and is instantly recognisable. Our versatile event tents are the ideal solution for any corporate or business event.

    Our frames are constructed from 40mm hexagonal aluminium making them lightweight and easy to easy to assemble and can be used both indoors or outdoors.  Our versatile Event Tents are the ideal solution for any corporate or business event.

    So if you are planning your events for 2015, don't forget to consider one of our Event Tents with a couple of Feather Flags for maximum brand exposure.

    Event Tents

    Event Tent with one full wall and a half wall.

    Event Tents

    Event Tents





    By Claire Taylforth


  • Dye Sublimation Print for Feather Flags

    Dye Sublimation Print onto FabricWe often get asked by our customers why using a dye sublimation process to print our fabrics and feather flags makes a difference to both the quality and show through of the print. So we've written a quick guide on the sublimation process...

    ...The dye sublimation process is different from traditional printing or some direct to fabric printing as it requires a two stage process.

    1. The design or logo is firstly printed onto specialist paper or film

    2. This paper or film is then used to sublimate the design onto the fabric by using heat. The heat transforms the inks into a gaseous state which then allows them to be activated and fixed onto the fabric. This ensures that the fabrics can be washed as the dye has been absorbed by the fabric rather than being transferred to the top layer of the fabric.

    This technology has been around since the 1950s, but it's only been in recent years with the advent of more sophisticated printing machines and colour management systems that dye sublimation has been able to give the high quality printing results that are available today. For the best results it is recommended that knitted or woven polyester is used, as as dye sublimation works well on fabrics with a high polyester content and for the highest quality prints 100% polyester fabric is used.

    At Northern Flags we continually review our processes, inks, fabrics and colour management systems to ensure that we get the best possible image reproduction and pantone match on all the flags that we print. In addition, the dye sublimation process we use ensures that the images are vibrant and there is exceptional show through on our printed flags, giving a high quality mirror image of the design on the reverse of the flags.

    Northern Flags


  • Feather Flag FAQs

    We have put together this short guide based upon the most frequently asked questions about our feather flag range to help you when choosing a flag and a frame

    What type of styles can I choose from?
    Our feather flags come in a range of styles. Our standard flag is the most popular, closely followed by our drop, or teardrop flag. The style you choose may depend on the type of branding or image you would like to print on the flag; for example the standard flag has a larger printable area than a teardrop flag which is important to consider if you have a large image you want to use. In general though the style you choose is often a matter of personal choice.

    What size do I need to choose?
    We have a good range of flag sizes to choose from, and the size you choose is up to you and what you want to use your flag for. Our smallest feather flag starts at 2.3m and our largest flag is 5.1m high, with various sizes in between. We have found that taller flags that might be used for signage at events are more appropriate since they can be seen above the crowds. However if you want to promote your business outside a shop or café then a smaller flag might be more appropriate. So here is a quick guide to show you which flags come in which sizes.

    Feather Flag Range

    Continue Reading

  • How to Fly Ensigns and The Union Flag

    Ensigns and Union Flags
    We are regularly asked by customers which ensigns or flags they should be flying and how to fly them, so here is a quick guide to the most common Ensigns and the Union Flag.

    Red Ensign Red Ensign
    The Red Ensign is a red flag with the Union Flag in the top left hand corner (canton) and is used by British merchant navy ships and private craft. The Red Ensign is the correct flag to fly as a courtesy flag by foreign private vessels in UK waters. Merchant ships from British overseas territories and Crown dependencies can fly red ensigns with the badge of their territory.


    Blue Ensign

    Blue Ensign
    The Blue Ensign is a dark blue flag with the Union Flag in the top left hand canton is used by masters of vessels who have a warrant issued by the Director of Naval Reserves, and by the members of certain yacht/boating clubs. These warrants are issued to officers in the active or retired lists of the Royal Naval Reserve and the maritime reserve forces of Commonwealth Realms and territories. They must hold the rank of lieutenant RN or above, and other vessels must be manned by at least four other Royal Naval reservists or retirees. Continue Reading

  • 3 Tips for Branding Your Event

    event branding at Brighton MarathonWhen it comes to event branding, whether it's a marathon, a roadshow or a fun run, there are lots of great ways to promote your brand and that of your sponsors. If you want to make a big impact you need to remind the people running or taking part in the event who is giving them the experience and do it at every opportunity. If you watch the Olympic Games, or any other big sporting events you will be in no doubt who is running or sponsoring it, with everything from banners to flags and even the uniforms worn by stewards will all be branded.

    So here are 3 tips to help you brand your next event...


    1. Your Message
    What is the overall message of your event? You need to make sure that whether you want to create a feeling good feeling about your brand or want to communicate a key message about your company that it's incorporated into everything that you do, from printed material through to banners, clothing and the announcements over the PA system. Continue Reading

  • Christmas is Coming - Sledges


    Branded Sledges

    Here at Northern Flags we’re busy getting ready for the festive season and have got some new promotional sledges that have been proving popular all over Europe and have now finally made their way to UK and Northern Flags.  We took some to the APG Expos at Sandown Racecourse, Manchester United Football Club and Dublin, so plenty of our trade clients have already taken a test drive (minus the snow) so they could see for themselves why they are already proving a popular choice for a great promotional Christmas gift.

    By Joanne Morley


  • How to Hoist your Flag up a Flagpole

    corporate flagWe are regularly asked by clients the different ways you can fly a flag from a flagpole. So we've created this short flag flying guide on the most popular ways to fly a flag. However, before the blog post gets going we just wanted to clear up any confusion about the word "halyard", as we are often asked what this is. Essentially,  a "halyard" is just a term for a rope that is used to hoist a flag or banner, it's as simple as that. Continue Reading

  • How to Take Care of Your Flags

    At Northern Flags we are regularly asked how to maintain flagpoles and flags so that customers can make sure that the flags and poles stay in good condition, no matter what the British weather can throw at us.

    We have put together some some top tips to help you take care of your flags and make sure that they stay looking good.

    * Weather conditions, particularly strong winds, will determine the life of your flags, Therefore it is good practice to lower your flags if there are winds forecasted of 40mph or more.

    * We recommend taking your flags down at night as this can really help preserve the life of the flag, as it will prevent it from becoming worn if the weather changes during the night. However you also need to think about the practicalities of doing this on regular basis. So perhaps keep an eye on the weather and take down your flags if you know there are going to be some changes overnight.

    * It is common for flags to suffer wear over time, but this wear is easily rectified if repaired quickly. The worn area usually starts at the bottom right hand corner of the flag and once spotted the frayed end should be trimmed away and re-hemmed.

    Continue Reading

  • 3 Things You Need to Know about Roller Banners

    Roller Banner Final - 250
    Roller banners are great for promoting your brand, they are portable and pack away into a small bag making them ideal for exhibitions and events. But did you realise that not all pull up banners are created equal, there can be a big difference in quality, sizes and also print definition. Here is our guide to things you need to look out for when buying your next roller banner.

      • Check out the base or cartridge, most banner systems have a mechanism that allows the banner to go back inside the base. You need to make sure that the cartridge is strong and durable and that the mechanism will take repeated pull ups and roll backs. You can find that some systems can recoil the banner with difficultly, allowing the sides of the banner to become trapped at the sides of cartridge causing damage to the banner. In addition, some of the recoil systems can become less effective after repeated use, making it harder and harder for your banner to go back into the cartridge. So ensure you buy a banner system with a good quality cartridge that will allow you to use the banner time and time again.
      • Ask about the material used to print your design onto, many roll up banners  use PVC or other plastic based substrates. Many of them are OK but the quality of the banner material can vary immensely from supplier to supplier. You may think you have got a bargain, but when your roller banner arrives you may find the quality of the material isn't great and the banner can easily become damaged after just a few uses. Ensure you ask about the material used in your pull up system and how durable it is. Here at Northern Flags we use Jet Banner, a fabric based substrate that is strong and durable and also is 100% recyclable when compared to PVC banners.
    • Ask about about the print quality of your roller banner, many banners are printed using techniques that mean that the print quality isn't that great. Some printing methods result in a reduction in image definition, certain colours aren't reproduced faithfully and fine detail is often missed. You need to ensure that the appropriate printing techniques are used to manufacture your banner and that you get a clean, crisp and accurate reproduction of your design. All our roller banners are printed using dye sublimation techniques ensuring excellent print quality and also Pantone matching so that your colours are accurately reproduced.

    By Joanne Morley


  • 5 Problems with Feather Flags and How You Can Fix Them

    So you've decided you want to use feather flags to promote your business, event or brand, you go onto Google and search custom feather flags or  You find a great deal and look forward to the arrival of your feather flags, but when you open your delivery it's not quite what you were expecting...

    1. The print quality on the feather flag isn't great and the colours aren't very vibrant
    2. The frame looks flimsy and doesn't look as if it's going to last very long
    3. The show through on the reverse isn't great and isn't quite the mirror image you were promised
    4. When the flag is on the frame, the flag sleeve is very tight and looks twisted
    5. The base supplied is flimsy and doesn't look as if it will last very long

    So how do you overcome these problems..?

    You find a custom feather flag supplier who knows and understands flags, printing and uses the best quality frames. We've been in the flag business for over 20 years and have worked hard to make sure that we supply the best quality feather flags and frames to our clients. We can help you overcome these types of problems by...

    1. Providing the best quality print with strong and vibrant colours so that your flag looks eye catching
    2. Supplying you with Aventos frames, the most robust frames available giving you the durability you need whatever the weather
    3. Ensuring a fantastic show through so that you get a great mirror image of your design on the reverse
    4. Making sure there is an excellent finish on the flag so that the sleeve fits snugly around the frame, but isn't so tight that it becomes twisted
    5. Giving you a great option of bases, from sturdy ground spikes through to robust water or sand filled ones so that you can choose the base that best suits your needs.


    Just get in touch if you want great quality feather flags that not only look great but are long lasting and durable.

    By Joanne Morley