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Dye Sublimation Print

  • Why signage is crucial for your company and what to consider


    It's key to utilize signage effectively

    If you want to run a successful retail business then you need to get noticed and ensure your brand message comes across loud and clear. Successful retailers know that signage is the key.

    As a potential customer walks by your shop you have about three seconds to let them know what they will find inside. Professional signage doesn’t just simply attract customers, if implemented correctly it provides just the right amount of information and invites customers into your business to try your product.

    At the end of the day simplicity is key to the success of your signage. Keep your message short, coherent and direct. You will increase footfall, and avoid confusing your customer and as a result you should see an increase in your sales. Remember, signage is your key call to action from the outside in, so make sure your message is clear.

    Sometimes you need think about what statement you want to make. That’s why large billboard signs are important to grab people’s attention in the street and encourage them to visit your shop. Make sure your choices of fonts are crisp, clear and visible from a distance.

    Professional signage doesn’t have to come at a significant expense. The crucial aspect is ensuring that the imagery created can project the message required about your brand and products. Make sure that your design is simple a legible and is in the correct CMYK colour format required for print. If this is something you know will be tough to achieve consult one of our design team who offer a comprehensive artwork check and proof service.

    It’s worth noting that varying your use of print materials can help elevate your campaigns. Be it wooden boards to window graphics to tension fabric light boxes, each material has its own unique set of advantages when it comes to signage and branding.

    The last thing to consider is the lifespan of your signage. Is it for a temporary sale or is it an external shop sign that will need to stand the test of time. Therefore think about what you require from your signage and consider the best materials and print processes to get the most from your signs.

    Retail Signage Musts

    • Be Specific and consistent with your message
    • Keep fonts clear and visible and overall keep the design simple.
    • Make a Call To Action


  • Northern Flags' Print Lead on the importance of Green Printing

    Northern Flags' Print Lead Andy Devine discusses the importance of Green Printing solutions

    Northern Flags' Print Lead Andy Devine discusses the importance of Green Printing solutions

    One of Northern Flags' newest team members, print lead Andy Devine has been talking to the West Yorkshire chamber of commerce about the importance of environmental regulations and why he considers green printing to be integral to the future of the print industry.

    “We specialize in Digital Print production here at Northern Flags and we welcome environmental regulation as it provides us with positive enforcement in two important areas.

    Firstly is the environmental impact our production methods have. In the current market it is commonplace for a manufacturer to be environmentally conscious and we are strong advocates of this approach. An example of our commitment to curbing the environmental impact of our production process was the decision to invest in latex printing technologies over solvent based technology in our new U.K facility. Although Latex is more expensive to operate, the inclusion of these machines allows us to provide a safer, cleaner working environment and to reduce the amount of environmentally harmful emissions outputted from our production facility.

    Secondly is wastage.  By reducing the environmental impact of our business practices, we learn new ways to be efficient, which ultimately benefits the business itself. As wastage is reduced, it allows us to reduce our operating costs and enables us to re-invest those savings into other areas of the business. Such as employing new staff or doing R&D on new technologies or products. Helping expand the business into new areas and improve its capabilities.

    To view environmental regulation as a hindrance is a rather negative point of view. They’re there for a good reason and if you support their purpose and you consider the implementation green printing, they can be of great benefit.”

    Northern Flags' new print facility is equipped with state of the art print equipment. For more information on what we can produce for you, click here.

  • Dye Sublimation Print for Feather Flags

    Dye Sublimation Print onto FabricWe often get asked by our customers why using a dye sublimation process to print our fabrics and feather flags makes a difference to both the quality and show through of the print. So we've written a quick guide on the sublimation process...

    ...The dye sublimation process is different from traditional printing or some direct to fabric printing as it requires a two stage process.

    1. The design or logo is firstly printed onto specialist paper or film

    2. This paper or film is then used to sublimate the design onto the fabric by using heat. The heat transforms the inks into a gaseous state which then allows them to be activated and fixed onto the fabric. This ensures that the fabrics can be washed as the dye has been absorbed by the fabric rather than being transferred to the top layer of the fabric.

    This technology has been around since the 1950s, but it's only been in recent years with the advent of more sophisticated printing machines and colour management systems that dye sublimation has been able to give the high quality printing results that are available today. For the best results it is recommended that knitted or woven polyester is used, as as dye sublimation works well on fabrics with a high polyester content and for the highest quality prints 100% polyester fabric is used.

    At Northern Flags we continually review our processes, inks, fabrics and colour management systems to ensure that we get the best possible image reproduction and pantone match on all the flags that we print. In addition, the dye sublimation process we use ensures that the images are vibrant and there is exceptional show through on our printed flags, giving a high quality mirror image of the design on the reverse of the flags.

    Northern Flags