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Event Branding

  • Northern Flags Produce Europe's Largest Fabric Banner

    Pioneering print production at Northern Flags ensured fans in Wembley enjoyed a thrilling FA cup final opening ceremony with the inclusion of Europe’s largest fabric banner.

    This year’s FA cup final marked a new era in proceedings in one of sports’ most prestigious cup competitions. The opening ceremony was on a scale unseen before at a European domestic cup final..

    The cornerstone of this ambitious undertaking was the development and production of one of the largest pieces of digital fabric print produced for a major sporting event and the largest fabric banner produced in Europe.

    Relishing the challenge of engineering such an ambitious piece, Northern Flags’ managing director Iain Clasper talked of his pride at taking on the challenge. ‘This 10500Sqm of digital print took all of our combined print production knowledge at the Faber Exposize Group and seeing it all come together on the grandest stage of them all (Wembley) was certainly a proud moment and a highlight of my career in fabric production.

    Commenting on the demands of the project Iain added ‘Having the pool of resources across the groups UK, Dutch and Polish facilities guaranteed that we could deliver not only the pitch cover but the ceremonial and display flags, streamers and large kabuki team banners within a tight turnaround time.

    The scale of the project certainly created interesting challenges.

    Such was the enormity of the opening ceremonies centre piece a literal army of volunteers from her majesty’s armed forces were required to haul over three tons of material over the hallowed turf of Wembley to reveal the2016 FA cup finalists’ club badges.

    With the success of this uniquely challenging print project, the experience gained further cemented Northern Flag’s and the Faber Exposize group’s credentials as leaders in the wide format digital print industry and

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    Fabric Banner

    Northern Flags produced Europe's largest fabric banner for the 2016 FA Cup Final.





  • Event Tents | Gazebos | Instant Shelters

    Our Event Tents have proved very popular this summer.  We have a great range of Event Tents, Gazebos or Instant Shelters to suit your needs. Whether you require a drinking station for a sporting event or if you're attending an exhibition, our range of customised tents are ideal.

    The tents can be fully printed on the canopy, walls or valance with the artwork of your choice ensuring that your marquee stands out from the crowd and is instantly recognisable. Our versatile event tents are the ideal solution for any corporate or business event.

    Our frames are constructed from 40mm hexagonal aluminium making them lightweight and easy to easy to assemble and can be used both indoors or outdoors.  Our versatile Event Tents are the ideal solution for any corporate or business event.

    So if you are planning your events for 2015, don't forget to consider one of our Event Tents with a couple of Feather Flags for maximum brand exposure.

    Event Tents

    Event Tent with one full wall and a half wall.

    Event Tents

    Event Tents





    By Claire Taylforth


  • 3 Tips for Branding Your Event

    event branding at Brighton MarathonWhen it comes to event branding, whether it's a marathon, a roadshow or a fun run, there are lots of great ways to promote your brand and that of your sponsors. If you want to make a big impact you need to remind the people running or taking part in the event who is giving them the experience and do it at every opportunity. If you watch the Olympic Games, or any other big sporting events you will be in no doubt who is running or sponsoring it, with everything from banners to flags and even the uniforms worn by stewards will all be branded.

    So here are 3 tips to help you brand your next event...


    1. Your Message
    What is the overall message of your event? You need to make sure that whether you want to create a feeling good feeling about your brand or want to communicate a key message about your company that it's incorporated into everything that you do, from printed material through to banners, clothing and the announcements over the PA system. Continue Reading