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  • Quickfire Q&A with MD, Iain Clasper-Cotte

    Managing Director at Northern Flags, Iain Clasper-Cotte enters the hot seat.



    What is your current position and key responsibilities Northern Flags?
    I am the MD and part owner of the company. So the buck stops here and so it should! At Northern Flags, I am lucky to have a great team so I spend a lot of my time with our customers and on initiatives for the future while the team keep things running efficiently. Over the past year, our biggest project has been building our new state of the art UK Print facility to supplement Europe’s biggest network of Fabric Factories.


    When did you start working at Northern Flags?
    I joined over 4 years ago when Sandy, who set the company up with Faber Vlaggen, decided to retire. I had been in senior roles in large media groups; here at Faber UK/Northern Flags the opportunity was so exciting that I decided to buy 25% of the company!


    What is your favourite thing about working at Northern Flags?
    We bring brands to life at all kinds of events and retail environments, clients just love the way we add excitement and visibility to their above-the-line campaigns, we all find this very rewarding. I love the way that we all rush to the window when we are testing new print products for our clients in the car park!


    What did you do before joining Northern Flags?
    Immediately before joining I was Development Director for Bauer Media’s broadcast division – this involved running new businesses from web sites to record labels. Before that, I led radio stations and worked in media sales houses. It was a great background to bring to the POS print market as I am used to working with major brands on their promotional campaigns.


    What do you like to do in your spare time?
    What spare time? With 6 kids I am an off peak taxi service!  I have decided to try and remedy this and just started sailing again. My boat obviously has a flag on the back!!!


    List 3 goals in your life to-do list:
    1.    We intend to triple the size of Faber in the UK over the next 5 years, we are well on the way which is great
    2.     I want to get my Yacht Master Certificate so I can disappear off into the sunset when the time comes
    3.    Move from proud parent to doting, interfering Grandfather


    Any hobbies?
    Music and more recently, sailing.


    Do you have any party tricks?
    None that can be published!


    If you could meet anybody from the past or present, who would it be?
    I used to love Luther Vandross; I saw him live many times before he left the planet and would love to discuss us printing his Stage Backdrops for the concert stage on his cloud.


    What is your biggest success up until now?
    In life, the kids obviously. In work, I have been very lucky with a couple of great achievements such as Radio Station of the year for Juice FM, launching Emap’s broadcast sales operation, leading the team at Workmoose a job website, presenting a hugely successful Dance Show on Red Dragon radio and of course starting the journey here at Northern Flags.