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Feather Flag FAQs

We have put together this short guide based upon the most frequently asked questions about our feather flag range to help you when choosing a flag and a frame

What type of styles can I choose from?
Our feather flags come in a range of styles. Our standard flag is the most popular, closely followed by our drop, or teardrop flag. The style you choose may depend on the type of branding or image you would like to print on the flag; for example the standard flag has a larger printable area than a teardrop flag which is important to consider if you have a large image you want to use. In general though the style you choose is often a matter of personal choice.

What size do I need to choose?
We have a good range of flag sizes to choose from, and the size you choose is up to you and what you want to use your flag for. Our smallest feather flag starts at 2.3m and our largest flag is 5.1m high, with various sizes in between. We have found that taller flags that might be used for signage at events are more appropriate since they can be seen above the crowds. However if you want to promote your business outside a shop or café then a smaller flag might be more appropriate. So here is a quick guide to show you which flags come in which sizes.

Feather Flag Range

What type of base do I need
The type of feather flag base you choose depends on where and how the flag is to be used. Here is a quick checklist for you to use...

  • Car Bases – ideal for forecourts and automotive use
  • Cross Bases – great for indoor use and if extra stability is required then a water filled tube can be added on top of the cross base
  • Water/Sand filled Bases – good for outdoor use, as once filled the base offers good stability
  • Ground Spike – ideal for outdoor use on grass or soft ground
  • Ground Screw – great for use in snow or ice


What design can I have printed on the flag?
We supply templates which show the printable area available on the flag you have chosen, and you can have any design you would like in this area. In addition, we also Pantone match all your colours to ensure that the finished flag matches your requirements. We advise that all artwork for printing is sent to us as an Adobe Illustrator file or and EPS (Encapsulated Postscript File) to ensure that the design you have chosen is of a high resolution and can then be reproduced accurately without any loss of image quality.

Are there minimum order quantities?
No, you have 1 flag or 10,000 flags, it’s up to you. However there are discounts available for multiple quantities, so some clients choose to print flags in greater quantities and then keep them in stock to use when they need them.

How are your flags printed?
The majority of our flags are digitally printed using dye sublimation methods which ensure a high quality print and excellent show through on single sided flags, giving a strong mirror image on the reverse. To find out more about how are flags are printed take a look our blog article on dye sublimation printing.

For larger quantities we also screen print flags which provides the same high quality print and show through but is more economical than digitally printing flags for large print runs.

Which fabrics do you use?
We use two types of fabric for our feather flags;

    • Knitted Polyester:This is lightweight, durable and has excellent show through and high quality image reproduction


  • Polystretch: This is recommended if the flag is going to be used for outside for a prolonged period of time as it has elongated holes in the fabric which help to reduce wind resistance


Should I have single sided or double sided flags?
Most clients choose single sided flags; there is an excellent show through of the design which results in a mirror image of the design on the reverse of the flag. However if you need the words to read correctly on both sides of the flag then you can have a double sided flag with an interliner.

How do I take care of my flag how long will it last?
We recommend that all our flags are taken indoors in winds exceeding 40mphs as they can be damaged by high winds. And if you want to prolong the life of your feather flag then taking it indoors each evening is a good idea. In addition all our flags can be washed in cool or warm water without it affecting the print, but you must ensure that the flag is dried before folding or stowing away. How long it lasts depends on how you use the flag, if it’s for indoor use only it is likely to last longer than a flag that is out in all the elements week in week out.