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3 Things You Need to Know about Roller Banners

Roller Banner Final - 250
Roller banners are great for promoting your brand, they are portable and pack away into a small bag making them ideal for exhibitions and events. But did you realise that not all pull up banners are created equal, there can be a big difference in quality, sizes and also print definition. Here is our guide to things you need to look out for when buying your next roller banner.

    • Check out the base or cartridge, most banner systems have a mechanism that allows the banner to go back inside the base. You need to make sure that the cartridge is strong and durable and that the mechanism will take repeated pull ups and roll backs. You can find that some systems can recoil the banner with difficultly, allowing the sides of the banner to become trapped at the sides of cartridge causing damage to the banner. In addition, some of the recoil systems can become less effective after repeated use, making it harder and harder for your banner to go back into the cartridge. So ensure you buy a banner system with a good quality cartridge that will allow you to use the banner time and time again.
    • Ask about the material used to print your design onto, many roll up banners  use PVC or other plastic based substrates. Many of them are OK but the quality of the banner material can vary immensely from supplier to supplier. You may think you have got a bargain, but when your roller banner arrives you may find the quality of the material isn't great and the banner can easily become damaged after just a few uses. Ensure you ask about the material used in your pull up system and how durable it is. Here at Northern Flags we use Jet Banner, a fabric based substrate that is strong and durable and also is 100% recyclable when compared to PVC banners.
  • Ask about about the print quality of your roller banner, many banners are printed using techniques that mean that the print quality isn't that great. Some printing methods result in a reduction in image definition, certain colours aren't reproduced faithfully and fine detail is often missed. You need to ensure that the appropriate printing techniques are used to manufacture your banner and that you get a clean, crisp and accurate reproduction of your design. All our roller banners are printed using dye sublimation techniques ensuring excellent print quality and also Pantone matching so that your colours are accurately reproduced.

By Joanne Morley