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Tag Archives: Feather Flag FAQs

  • Feather Flag FAQs

    We have put together this short guide based upon the most frequently asked questions about our feather flag range to help you when choosing a flag and a frame

    What type of styles can I choose from?
    Our feather flags come in a range of styles. Our standard flag is the most popular, closely followed by our drop, or teardrop flag. The style you choose may depend on the type of branding or image you would like to print on the flag; for example the standard flag has a larger printable area than a teardrop flag which is important to consider if you have a large image you want to use. In general though the style you choose is often a matter of personal choice.

    What size do I need to choose?
    We have a good range of flag sizes to choose from, and the size you choose is up to you and what you want to use your flag for. Our smallest feather flag starts at 2.3m and our largest flag is 5.1m high, with various sizes in between. We have found that taller flags that might be used for signage at events are more appropriate since they can be seen above the crowds. However if you want to promote your business outside a shop or café then a smaller flag might be more appropriate. So here is a quick guide to show you which flags come in which sizes.

    Feather Flag Range

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