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  • 5 Problems with Feather Flags and How You Can Fix Them

    So you've decided you want to use feather flags to promote your business, event or brand, you go onto Google and search custom feather flags or  You find a great deal and look forward to the arrival of your feather flags, but when you open your delivery it's not quite what you were expecting...

    1. The print quality on the feather flag isn't great and the colours aren't very vibrant
    2. The frame looks flimsy and doesn't look as if it's going to last very long
    3. The show through on the reverse isn't great and isn't quite the mirror image you were promised
    4. When the flag is on the frame, the flag sleeve is very tight and looks twisted
    5. The base supplied is flimsy and doesn't look as if it will last very long

    So how do you overcome these problems..?

    You find a custom feather flag supplier who knows and understands flags, printing and uses the best quality frames. We've been in the flag business for over 20 years and have worked hard to make sure that we supply the best quality feather flags and frames to our clients. We can help you overcome these types of problems by...

    1. Providing the best quality print with strong and vibrant colours so that your flag looks eye catching
    2. Supplying you with Aventos frames, the most robust frames available giving you the durability you need whatever the weather
    3. Ensuring a fantastic show through so that you get a great mirror image of your design on the reverse
    4. Making sure there is an excellent finish on the flag so that the sleeve fits snugly around the frame, but isn't so tight that it becomes twisted
    5. Giving you a great option of bases, from sturdy ground spikes through to robust water or sand filled ones so that you can choose the base that best suits your needs.


    Just get in touch if you want great quality feather flags that not only look great but are long lasting and durable.

    By Joanne Morley