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Tag Archives: flag care

  • How to Hoist your Flag up a Flagpole

    corporate flagWe are regularly asked by clients the different ways you can fly a flag from a flagpole. So we've created this short flag flying guide on the most popular ways to fly a flag. However, before the blog post gets going we just wanted to clear up any confusion about the word "halyard", as we are often asked what this is. Essentially,  a "halyard" is just a term for a rope that is used to hoist a flag or banner, it's as simple as that. Continue Reading

  • How to Take Care of Your Flags

    At Northern Flags we are regularly asked how to maintain flagpoles and flags so that customers can make sure that the flags and poles stay in good condition, no matter what the British weather can throw at us.

    We have put together some some top tips to help you take care of your flags and make sure that they stay looking good.

    * Weather conditions, particularly strong winds, will determine the life of your flags, Therefore it is good practice to lower your flags if there are winds forecasted of 40mph or more.

    * We recommend taking your flags down at night as this can really help preserve the life of the flag, as it will prevent it from becoming worn if the weather changes during the night. However you also need to think about the practicalities of doing this on regular basis. So perhaps keep an eye on the weather and take down your flags if you know there are going to be some changes overnight.

    * It is common for flags to suffer wear over time, but this wear is easily rectified if repaired quickly. The worn area usually starts at the bottom right hand corner of the flag and once spotted the frayed end should be trimmed away and re-hemmed.

    Continue Reading