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Handwaving Flags

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Handwaving Flags
Our handwavers are always a popular choice for events and national celebrations and are a highly visual and cost effective promotional tool. They are a great way to get the crowds going at sporting events or as a giveaway at roadshows and televised events where you want to give your brand maximum impact. 

Whether you want some standard handwavers such as national flags or flags printed with your own design or brand, we can help. Just call our team on 0113 205 5180 and they will be happy to have a chat with you about your requirements. 

Paper Handwavers
Most of our paper handwavers are double sided and printed on 170gsm silk paper or synthetic paper with a white plastic stick. They can have the same or different images on each side depending on your requirements and are recommended for one off use at events or roadshows. 

Knitted Polyester Handwaving Flags
We can also produce knitted polyester flags, which are ideal if you require a flag that is more durable than paper. However, knitted polyester flags are only available single sided, with excellent showthrough and a mirror image on the reverse of the flag.

Handwaving Flag Sizes
Our most popular flag sizes are as follows, however we can produce different sizes to your specifcations on request.
* 150mm x 210mm on a 38cm stick
* 200mm x 300mm on a 48cm stick

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