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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my flag read correctly on both sides?

This can certainly be done, but in order to do this we would need to produce two flags and sew them back to back. Depending on the method of production, you may get a showthrough of the design which will give a confusing image. This can be minimised by the inclusion of an interlining but this then makes for a very heavy flag which will not fly. Additionally, flying a double thickness flag in windy/story conditions may cause damage to the flagpole.

Can I include my telephone number on the flag?

Yes you can, but bear in mind that the flag will be in the air and moving about. The most effective flag is the one with the largest logo.

We are having visitors from overseas but only have one flagpole outside our building – can I put the Union and the other national flag on the same pole?

No, this is not recommended.  This would indicate that the ‘top’ nation and superiority over the ‘bottom’ nation.

How should I clean my flag?

We would always recommend washing as you would a woollen garment. Please bear in mind that a white flag will not return to its original pristine condition after being washed, as dirt in the atmosphere will be ingrained into the fabric.

How long will my flag last?

There is no definite answer. Flags are subjected to the elements. Ultra violet rays, air born debris and high winds all contribute to the breakdown of fibres in flags.

Prevailing weather conditions will largely determine the life of your flag. A flag that has to endure extreme conditions will not last as long as a flag flown in a temperate climate.

We recommend that all flags are taken down when strong winds are predicated.

The actual flying time of a flag also has an impact upon its life. Taking a flag down at the end of each day so it is not flying at night greatly reduces its flying time and extends its total life.

Correct installation also plays a key role in how long a flag lasts. If unsure, please contact us for advice.

Do I have to follow the traditional National flag sizes for my corporate flag?

Corporate flags don’t often follow the traditional sizes set out by National flags. We can make them in any size to suit your brand. Our suggested sizes are below:

Suggested Flag sizes for poles

Can I fly a 3 Yard National flag on my 4m flag pole?

We would not recommend such a large flag on a pole this small. The table below shows the recommended size of National Flag for the most popular size poles:

 What size flag should I fly on my pole

Should I have my flag screen or digitally printed?

Both of our modern screen and digital printing facilities return superb image quality. Each method has its own distinct advantages.

For smaller volumes that require a quicker turnaround time digital would be the best option. Digital is also capable of complex full colour designs.

Screen printing is more economical for larger orders and provides a full soak through of the ink into the material. The number of colours is limited to six.

We are happy to advise you on the best method to suit your needs.

Will my flag/banner come with eyelets?

We can finish your item in any way that you require, whether it be pole sleeves, eyelets, hemming all the way round, rope or toggles.

In what format will you accept my artwork?

We can accept artwork in JPEG, TIFF, AI or PDF format. The resolution will have to be at least 400dpi.

What is the Beaufort Wind Scale?

Your Aventos Feather flags are not designed for use in winds above Beaufort force 5. But what is this scale?


Beaufort Scale Northern Flags

What are the official flag flying days?

We want to get more involved with the community and improve a sense of civic pride. Which days can we fly a flag on our government building?

  • 9 January Birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge
  • 20 January Birthday of the Countess of Wessex
  • 6 February Her Majesty’s Accession
  • 19 February Birthday of the Duke of York
  • 1 March St David’s Day (in Wales only)
  • 10 March Birthday of the Earl of Wessex
  • 10 March Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March)
  • 17 March St. Patrick’s Day (in Northern Ireland only)
  • 21 April Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen
  • 23 April St George’s Day (in England only)
  • 9 May Europe Day
  • 2 June Coronation Day
  • 10 June Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh
  • 14 June Official celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday
  • 21 June Birthday of the Duke of Cambridge
  • 17 July Birthday of the Duchess of Cornwall
  • 15 August Birthday of the Princess Royal
  • 9 November Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November)
  • 14 November Birthday of the Prince of Wales
  • 20 November Her Majesty’s Wedding Day
  • 30 November St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland only)

What size in Metric units are your Yard flags?

Flag Sizes - Yards and Metric