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Portable Flag Poles

Forecourt Flag Poles Large Automotive Flagpole and Flag Premium Portable Flag Pole Premium Automotive Flagpole Car Base Easy Assemble Premium Automotive Flag Pole Wide Sturdy Car Base Plate for Flag Aluminium Flag Pole, White Finish Automotive - Premium Portable Flag Pole Branded Automotive Flag Lightweight Automotive Flag Premium Portable Flag Pole

These robust portable flag poles are the mainstay of many outdoor events and car forecourts, they are ideal if you want to promote your brand, a new product or provide signage for the crowds at a roadshow or festival or sporting event. Complete with a rotating arm and finial these portable flagpoles with a car wheel base ensure that your message is permanently displayed even if there is no or low wind. 

Why Should I Use a Portable Flag Pole?
These flag poles and car bases are great if you need to move your brand or product message around. Whether you use them in an automotive environment to draw attention to new and used cars or you have an event or a series of roadshows where you need to draw attention to a particular area or promotion they are ideal. Many clients use them again and again at different events and car dealerships can move them easily around the forecourt as cars or vans change position. Portable flag poles are more versatile than standard fixed flagpoles as you can move them around and also change the flags to reflect different events or new promotions.

* Two piece strong & lightweight aluminium pole for easy transportation and storage
* Includes finial and rotating arm
* Elegant classic white finish with robust base
* 4.4m in height 65mm base diameter pole construction
* Base plate wide enough for commercial vehicles
* Easy to assemble
* Excellent print quality on flags with vibrant images and great showthrough
* Flag can be affixed to the side of the pole using cable ties 

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