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Lamp Post Banners

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Lamp Post Flex Means Performance

Key to the Lamp Post Flex systems’ ability to withstand high winds is our unique and patented ‘cantilever’ arm and casting design, which holds the banner under constant tension. When the wind blows, the force is immediately transferred from the taut banner to the fibreglass arms, which then flex and help dissipate the energy. This all important wind spill factor is crucial in protecting the banner from excessive wear and greatly reduces the forces exerted onto the lamp column.

Use Lamp Post Flex to promote a single festival/support seasonal events/offer an all-year around welcome to visitors/provide a lively backdrop and ambiance for town & city centres/create urban gateways/announcing urban regeneration projects/create tourist initiatives/promote specialist services and markets (ie. farmers’ markets). As the nature of the event/purpose changes over time, the ease in which our banners can be changed gives you the flexibility to look contemporary with minimal investment.

Premier Airflex Suitable for columns 76mm+. Maximum banner size: 0.75m x 2.4m The Premier Airflex was specifically designed in response to requests for a smaller but more adjustable and versatile system designed for use on all small to mid sized lamp columns. The system boasts all of the features of the Super Airflex but in a more compact form.

Super Airflex Suitable for columns 120mm+. Maximum banner size: 0.75m x 3m The Super Airflex is designed for use on larger diameter lamp columns and/or where a larger banner is preferred. The revolutionary Super Airflex utilises a specially shaped CNC-tapered fibreglass arm to achieve a dramatic increase in wind spillage. Extensive research and testing has resulted in the development of a system which dramatically reduces the stresses transferred to the lamp column. Our unique 'Cantilever' arm holds the banner under constant tension.

Lead time on Hardware: We always keep stock of all hardware and fixings with normal lead times of 3-10 working days from date of order to date of delivery. Lead time on Banners: We can provide banners with no minimum or maximum quantity - On PVC, PVC Mesh or Fabric with normal lead times of 3-10 working days from date to date of delivery. Installation: we can provide a full installation service - our product specialist will be pleased to assess the area, lamp columns and discuss the right product to suit your individual requirements.

10 year warranty
Our Lamp Post Flex system is backed up by a 10 year warranty, and in eight years of business it has never been exercised! We think this stands testament to the products unrivalled performance in every type of weather condition. Unique canted banner arm design. Top arm is canted up, bottom arm is canted down, and when banner is installed the canted arms put the banner under tension to transfer wind force to the fibreglass pole. Produces a taut, tight and trim banner appearance with no ‘flopping’ or ‘sagging’.

Tested to withstand up to 120mph wind force. Banner arms can be supplied in any length to suit banner size required. Universal bracket for installation onto round/ square/octagonal/fluted lamp standards. Integral cast loop for anchoring banner with nylon ties. Available in black powder coated finish if preferred. Can accommodate one or two banners per pole.

Engineered for durability with no moving or mechanical parts to wear-out.

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