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Feather Flags

Feather Flags Car Feather Flag Car Forecourt Flag Car Base Plate for Portable Flagpole Car Base for Automotive Flagpole

Feather Flag Range
Our range of Automotive Feather Flags are of the highest quality, lightweight and robust making them suitable for all types of forecourts. Assembly couldn't be easier with the click together frames manufactured from strong yet robust aluminium, these poles are far superior to fibre glass rivals. Finding the most suitable flag for your needs is easy, due to the flexible, modular design and the range of sizes and styles we have available at Northern Flags. A variety of bases are available for use with our feather flags including our car base.

Northern Flags Forecourt Flags  Feather Flags

Flag Printing
You can have the design, logo, brand or image of your choice printed on your flags. We can supply templates that your designer can use to create your flag design, or we have a studio which can help you develop the design you require. The majority of our feather flags are printed using dye sublimation methods. This ensures a high quality print and excellent show through giving a strong mirror image on the reverse.  

Sizes and Styles
Feather Flag are available in various sizes ranging from our smallest flag at 2m to our largest flag is 5.1m and we also have seven flag styles available. If you have any questions about our flags then just download our Feather Flag FAQs Guide.

Aventos all shapes and sizes

We have a wide range of bases to suit all ground conditions. The type of base depends on where and how the flag is to be used, the list below gives you the bases we have available and how they can be used.
* Car Bases – for automotive use 
* Cross Bases
 – for indoor use

* Water/Sand Filled Bases – for outdoor use
* Ground Spike – for use in grass and soft ground
* Ground Screw – for use in snow and ice

For further information or images of the bases above please see click here.

* Printed using industry leading dye sublimation methods - gives excellent print quality and strong showthrough on the reverse
* Robust yet lightweight aluminium frames – strong and durable
* Simple assembly – 4 piece click together system
* Strong elastic sleeves – prevents tearing through the edge of the flag
* Tailored carry case – easy storage and transportation
* All bases swivel 360° – giving your flag all round visibility 

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