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Indoor Displays

Internal design displays may not need to cope with the wind, rain and sun of the great outdoors, but they still need to be perfectly suited to their environment if they are to effectively communicate your business’ message. Modular systems such as Flex Displays are ideal for exhibitions or conference, as they offer great flexibility.

Frames can be free-standing, wall or ceiling mounted, providing a variety of ways to display brands, logos, promotions, products or information. Graphic panels are easily changed, so that advertising can be updated according to the business’ promotional needs.

In addition to Flex Displays, Northern Flags can provide roller banners and jet banners that are sure to catch the eye. Banners can be front-lit or back-lit, and can be made from a wide range of fabrics, using various printing techniques. This flexibility ensures that the final indoor design will create the desired effect and achieve maximum impact.

Brighton Marathon Feather Flags
Feather Flags

Feather flags - The strongest available, elegant attention grabbers perfect for any situation indoors or outdoors

Feather Flag Cross Base
Feather Flag Bases

Selection of Feather Flag pole bases for all surfaces; indoors, outdoors, ground screws and car base plates

Pop Out Banner
Pop Out Banners

Innovative instant self-erecting system. High quality tactile material suitable for both indoors and outdoors

Promotional Fabric Banner
Internal Banners

Bring any display to life, ideal for window dressing, shop walls and behind the counter. Gives a more premium feel to promotions.

Fabric Backdrops for Exhibition
Internal Jet Banners

Tactile premium feel material perfect for portraying a high quality image of your brand promotions

Extra Large Roller Banner
Roller Banners

Make your promotion stand out with high quality roller banners and pull-up banners, made from high quality Jet Banner

Branded Automotive Flag
Portable Flag Poles

Light weight, cost effective and easy to transport

Flex Display Long
Flex Displays

A modular indoor display solution that draws attention to any product or exhibition stand

Branded Bunting

Highly visual & exciting promotional tool. One of the most effective ways of promoting your brand. Different sizes and shapes.

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