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Blade Flags

Motorcycle Blade Flag Corporate Blade Flag Standard Blade 70x230cm Brighton Marathon Blade Flags Motorbike Event Blade Flag Hotel Blade Flag Event Branding Blade Flag Indoor Events Blade Flag Event Blade Flag Retail Promotion Blade Flags Motorsport Event Blade Flag Forecourt Blade Flags Sports Event Blade Flag Triathlon  Blade Flag Bar  Blade Flags Outdoor Sports Event Blade Flags Sports Events Blade Flag Cycle Shop Promotion Blade Flag

Aventos: The Strongest Power Flag

  • We are Europe’s largest supplier of Blade flags. With their innovative flexible modular design our Aventos range provides a high impact solution that allows any promotion to shout and stand out from the crowd, with 7 elegant styles to choose from with a range of sizes.
  • Our Aventos range of blade flags are the strongest available. Unlike competitors’ Fibreglass frames. Our frames are produced from thick yet light Aluminium and come in 4 click together pieces for simple assembly.
  • These thick poles together with a strong elasticated sleeve prevent the frame tearing through the edge of the flag.
  • Our Aventos Power flags benefit from industry leading print quality courtesy of our unique digital transfer printing vacuum press. This allows for an unrivalled level of through print, creating strong and vibrant colours on both sides of the flag.
  • Full colour photographs with no limit on colours can be beautifully recreated with crisp vivid definition on one side of the flag with a mirror image on the reverse.
  • A large range of bases allows our Aventos range to be the perfect cost effective branding solution for both indoors, outdoors and on any surface from soil and sand to concrete and grass.
  • All our bases allow the flag to swivel 360⁰ for all round visibility.
  • All of our Aventos flags are lightweight and come with a tailored carry case option for easy storage and transportation.

Northern Flags Standard Feather Flag Northern Flags Winder Feather Flag Northern Flags Round Feather Flag Northern Flags Wing Feather Flag Northern Flags Bow Feather Flag Northern Flags Drop Feather Flag Northern Flags Urban Feather Flag

Size Options

Northern Flags Feather Flag Sizes

  • The 0.9m x 5.1m frame comes with a bottom steel pole section for extra strength.
  • Sizes refer to frame and not flag
  • Modular design for easy extention, just add extra section
  • Pole diameter 25mm
  • Aluminium wall thickness 1.2mm

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