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PVC Banners

Free Standing Banner Frame Large Format PVC Banner Event Branding - Large PVC Banners PVC Banner - Event Dressing Double Sided Banner Frame PVC Fence Wraps Large Promotional PVC Banner Small PVC Scaffold Banner Heavy Duty Scaffold PVC Banner Custom Size PVC Banner PVC Floormat Marathon Banner - PVC

PVC banners are one of the most versatile and cost effective promotional display tools available, which are easily changed with each new campaign. They are ideal for a open days, car dealer forecourts, restaurants, retail POS, events and sports venues.

Industry Leading Inks and Print
All of our PVC banners come with industry leading print quality and offer full colour photographic reproduction. Made with 450gsm high quality scratch and UV resistant materials, together with weather proof inks, they are suitable for prolonged outdoor use. In addition Our PVC banners are also ideal for indoor use as they come with a B1 fire rating to meet safety legislation.

Banner Manufacture
Our banners have strong welded seams to prevent tearing and metal eyelets so that you can easily mount them on walls, railings or within a freestanding banner frame. We can also finish your banner to your exact specification such as includign sleeves to create banners that can be mounted on scaffold poles. 

Banner Sizes
Our wide format printers can produce a banner to any size though very large larger banners such as building wraps may include seams. If you need to cover large areas such as fence scrim then we can also produce the banners on continuous length rolls, to make it easy for you to install. 

PVC Mesh
We can also print banners using PVC mesh, this 330gsm material is lighter weight for easier transportation and installation. Designed for more exposed areas the tiny holes in the fabric allow the breeze to travel through reducing the wind load on the banner and mounting structure. Image quality at a distance remains high quality.

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