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The Royal British Legion

Pole Holster For Flag Hand Sewn Royal British Legion Flag Finishers for Flags Ceremonial Gloves

The Royal British Legion standard finished overall size is 3'8" x 3' and is always double sided.

The flag can be made out of bunting/woven polyester or it can be made out of knitted polyester.

The background is royal blue. The union flag is sewn and features on the top left hand corner of the flag.

The size of the sewn Union flag is 12"x 24" (Landscape)

The standard has a gold centre panel and features the branches name in blue (this section is printed). Height of the centre panel is 12" and the width is the entire width of the standard (excluding the sleeve)

The standard has a vertical 2.5" self covered flat sleeve and this is left open at the top and the bottom - the sleeve has leather tabs on elastic which enables the flag to be attached to the pole to provide a snug fit.

The standard has gold fringing on the other three edges and the gold fringing is 3" in length.

We offer costs for the complete flag and also for replacement panels for existing standards.

Branches can be merited with awards and these take the form of the following:

Haig and Lister scrolls and the certificate of merit stars are placed on the lower panel of the standard. The diamonds go in the blue panels in the right hand corner.

We can provide the Haig and Lister scrolls and the diamonds and stars as supply only, sewn onto a new standard or sewn onto an existing standard - these awards are printed on to woven polyester or knitted polyester- all of these are provided as "pairs" (one for the front and one for the back of the standard).

Queens Colour (Union Flag with fringing)

We also offer the Union flag with fringing and this is known as the Queens Colour - the flag is 4' x 3' and this can be offered in bunting or knitted polyester.

We also offer the flag with gold fringing or with Red/White/Blue fringe.

The Queens Colour is finished with a vertical 2.5"cms self coloured flat sleeve open top and bottom and with 3" fringe on the other three sides. The sleeve has leather tabs on elastic which enables the flag to be attached to the pole to provide a snug fit.


We can provide carrying poles in various lengths and weights as well as providing cord and tassels, leather strap and bucket, brass inner for buckets, white leather gauntlets, carrying bags and centenary ribbons. The cord and tassel can be provided in gold or red/white/blue and the length is 9'6"- this can be adjusted to be shorter if required. The centenary ribbons are supplied in blue and gold and are supplied approx 3' in length and 4" in width

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