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Shape Flag

Shape FlagHave your flag in any shape you want it to be. This exclusive, patent pending flag design gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want to be and have your flag designed to any shape you want.

Manufactured from fabric and frames exclusive to Northern Flags, you won't find this flag anywhere else.

Whether you want to launch your latest product, promote your brand at a roadshow or use them at an event, Shape flags are only limited by your imagination. 


  • Improve brand awareness, giving you the flexibility  to showcase your brand in your way
  • Enhance your product promotions, the AnyShape flag is available in a range of custom sizes manufactured to your specifications 
  • Gain an exclusive promotional tool that you can use to market your new products, or brand and make them stand out from the crowd

Whatever your promotional requirements the AnyShape flag is the perfect way to marketing your brand at events, roadshows and exhibitions. 

Get in touch to let us know about your ideas for your Shape Flag

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