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Standard Barrier Jacket - B

Barrier without Jacket

Our "B" standard, tailored barrier jacket features slips over the barrier and has two eyelets on each side to join the fabric together and affix the jacket to the barrier using cable ties. These jackets are durable, fit around the barrier and are double sided allowing you to have the same or different messages on each side of the barrier. 

Great for All Events
Our "B" standard barrier jackets are great for festivals, sports events, or music concerts, where you need to have a strong brand image or impact. Fitted and double sided they can make a real difference to your events and promote your brand, sponsor or event message to the crowds. They are easy to affix to the barrier covers as the jacket is simply put over the top of the barrier and is then affixed using cable ties. 

All our barrier jackets are manufactured from either knitted polyester or polystretch which has hole in the fabric to allow the wind and weather through the fabric which be idea in those sites which are more exposed. The jackets are also lightweight and can be folded so they are easy to transport and if required can be used again for other events if the artwork is not event specific.  

"B" Standard Barrier Jacket

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