National and Country Flags

Whatever National Flag you need, you'll find it at Northern Flags...

We've been specialist Flag printers for over 30 years so we can produce a flag to your exact specification.

National Flags

Our National Flags will look professional and vibrant on your Flagpoles. We can print to any National you need and we have some in stock too. Should you need one quickly, just contact us and we can see if we have it in stock for you.

All our flags are printed and sewn to the highest quality using the latest digital printing and screen-printing techniques, giving unrivalled show through on the reverse. We can finish your flag to suit any occasion. The most common being with a rope and toggle for flying on a pole, but you can also have eyelets to hang the flag as part of internal displays.

Traditional National Flag Sizes

National flag sizes are traditionally quoted in Yards. Below is a quick conversion table for Yards into Metric measurements. Table coming soon.

Suitable Flag Poles for National Flags

If you already have a Flag Pole then the table below will help you to choose a suitable size Flag for your Pole. If you don’t already have a Flag Pole then we have a comprehensive range of Flag Poles to suit your new Flag suitable for any situation from budget Show Home Poles to Architectural Poles. If you are unsure what you want or need, just get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

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