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Barrier Covers

Northern Flags Barrier Cover Plain Barrier Cover Great Run Barrier Jacket Elements Barrier Jacket Steel Crowd Control Barrier Linked Barrier Cover Poncho Barrier Jacket Spectator Barrier Jacket

We have a great range of barrier jackets and covers that cater for a range of events and concerts, whether you have...

  • A sponsored run or cycle through a city centre where time is of the essence for installation and and removal to minimise disruption of roads

  • An event through a muddy and wet environment where the jackets will be exposed to the elements

  • A one off event or a several events where the jackets have to be used several times...

...We will have the jacket to suit you needs.  As a leading events branding supplier our barrier roll, barrier jackets and fence scrim are used all over the UK at sporting events and concerts. 

Standard Barrier Jacket - A
Our ‘A’ Standard, tailored barrier jacket is supplied with extended Velcro on each side of the jacket and is double hemmed. These durable jackets are designed to slip on and seal quickly to give a strong branded look.

"A" Standard Barrier Jacket

Barrier Jacket - Linked
Our ‘Linked’ barrier solution is great if you want to to hide the connections between joined barriers.  Each jacket is finished with additional Velcro on the left side bottom sections allowing a reinforced strip to be fixed across the jointing gap.

Linked Barrier Jacket

Standard Barrier Jacket - B
This is a slipover, tailored solution without Velcro but featuring two eyelets on each side allowing you to join the fabric together with cable ties and potentially also fix securely to the crowd barrier.

B Standard Barrier Jacket

Barrier Cover - Elements
Designed originally for our auto sport clients to cope with mud splatter and exposed locations these shaped barrier covers are finished in HD grade PVC with strong welds, Velcro and eyelets. The PVC allows for easy on-site cleaning. We can supply in Fairlyn our more environmentally friendly PVC alternative solution, however this is only suitable for certain environments. 

Elements Barrier Jacket

Barrier Covers - Poncho
This is our budget solution, as it is just  a rectangle of fabric which can be folded over the barrier. It doesn't have any detailed tailoring other than eyelets where you can use cable ties to fix to the cover to the  bottom of the barrier.

Poncho Barrier Jacket

Barrier Jackets - Spectator
Initially created for our cycling clients these jackets recognise that maximum visibility of branding on the front of the barrier is key but that spectators behind the jackets only see the top rear part of the barrier jacket. This allows a more detailed event/advertising message for the spectator behind the barrier and has the added advantage of minimising show through and lowering cost due to reduced fabric print.

Spectator Barrier Jacket

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