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As Europe’s leading marketing fabric supplier we are experienced at helping brands and event organisers maximise their visual impact at major events with our bespoke barrier jackets and crowd control barrier covers. Northern Flags are experts in assisting event organisers to create the event’s experiential feel while also delivering the marketing requirements of sponsors and event exhibitors.

The Faber Group have provided branded crowd control barrier solutions for the Olympic Games, European Championships, Tour de France, FA Cup and the Davis Cup along with hundreds of smaller events from small charity galas up to city wide dressing for major sponsored events. Crowd Barrier Covers are a great addition for any event where maximum brand exposure is the key. They are most commonly used at festivals, concerts, sporting events and nightclubs plus many other public events.

Poncho Barrier Jacket The Poncho Barrier Jacket is our budget solution as it's just a simple rectangle of fabric, hemmed all round with eyelets in each corner. It can be printed with the image or brand of your choice. It simply folds over the barrier and using cable ties or bungees through the eyelets at the bottom of cover to secure it into place. The poncho cover is ideal if you have one off events or when time is not of the essence as they can take a little longer to fix than some of our other barrier jackets which simply slip over the top of the crowd barrier and are closed using hook and loop. This style of jacket is a cost effective solution and many of our clients choose to use these barrier covers when they are not going to be used again or when there are lots of barriers to be covered for a concert or sporting event. No matter what your event whether it's a marathon or a concert, our barrier covers are a great way of promoting your brand and that of your sponsors to the crowds.

Spectator Barrier Jacket Our Spectator Barrier Jackets have been created especially for events where branding on the front of the barrier is key. They are easy to assemble as they just slip over the top of the barrier making it quick for you to add to lines of branded barriers at your next event. You also have the ability to brand the reverse of the jacket sleeve with messages specifically for spectators or you can leave it blank depending on your requirements. They are also cost effective when compared to Barrier Jacket Sleeves as the amount of fabric and print required to cover the barriers is reduced. Many of our customers choose to use Spectator Covers when they want maximum impact on the front but do not need to have the same marketing message on the reverse.

Barrier Jacket Sleeve Our Barrier Jacket Sleeves are tailored to suit your crowd barrier and is manufactured with hook and loop on the drop edges making it easy to slip over the barrier and seal quickly to give a tight, sophisticated look and feel. The durable jackets can be printed with an image of your choice, brand, sponsorship logo(s) or a message of your choice depending on your requirements. This crowd barrier sleeve is ideal for a range of sporting events, festivals or concerts where you are looking to make maximum brand impact. The sleeves are double sided and are tailored to your barrier, with strong brand or sponsorship imagery and messages; they can transform your event and bring it to life. The hook and loop fastenings on both sides eliminate the need to separate the barriers making them simple and easy to install as the cover simply slips over the top of the barrier. The perfect choice when time is at a premium and the barriers need to be dressed quickly.

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