EnviroMesh is durable, suitable for outdoor use and perforated with small holes, meaning air can pass through. It's also over 50% lighter than traditional PVC mesh making a massive impact on both the materials required and the transport distribution carbon footprint. Like all our Enviro products, it can also be easily managed through your recycling partner.

We have a team of specialists ready to make sure you have the right eco-friendly banner material. Give them a call on 0113 205 5189 or email info@northernflags.com and they'll be able to help you out!

EnviroMesh is the perfect alternative to traditional PVC mesh banner material and can be used for:

  • Display Banners
  • Heras Fence Scrim
  • Barrier Jackets
  • Building Wraps
  • Lamppost Banners
  • What are the benefits of EnviroMesh?

    1. 175 times the legal limit of emissions from a 100km diesel car trip can be been saved by switching to EnviroMesh from PVC mesh.
    2. By changing to EnviroMesh, instead of 1,000 sim of traditional PVC mesh, you would be saving the equivalent of pesticide enough to cover over 2,000 football pitches
    3. EnviroMesh is substantially lighter than PVC mesh, making a huge difference in transport CO2 emissions
    4. EnviroMesh is designed and produced in a way which is geared uniquely towards responsible end-of-life disposal.
    5. EnviroMesh can be incinerated safely without any harmful affects to the environment or personal health, unlike non-eco friendly alternatives
    6. The way that EnviroMesh is designed and produced is specifically geared towards responsible end-of-life disposal.
    7. EnviroMesh has strength, fire, health and safety and eco certifications

    Explore the rest of our EnviroBanner range

    If you're not concerned about your banners having an aeromesh effect, then consider our other options. The eco-friendly alternative materials in our EnviroBanner range, like EnviroBanner, Fairlyn Mesh, EnviroBlock and EnviroFlowBanners, offer a range of different solutions to ensure you meet your green credentials perfectly.

    If you have any questions about EnviroMesh, EnviroBanner or any of our Enviro range just get in touch on 0113 205 5189 or info@northernflags.com and we'll be able to answer an yquestions you might have. Take ACTION NOW on making the move to green branding and start being the difference!

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