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Custom Flags and Fabric Banners continue to remain popular. But newer, edgier materials are increasingly sought by businesses looking for something unique. Selfie frames, also known as selfie boards, are quickly working their way up the events marketing ladder due to their fun and exciting nature. When using the highly esteemed selfie frame, companies must ensure it is used in the best way. A great way to maximise the tool’s potential is to exhibit your company’s brand or logo. Our personalised selfie frames can be used at a variety of events and promotions to create engagement through social media with your audience. The selfie frame is a fantastic merging of social media with your company’s marketing. It is a method that encourages online engagement and is sure to stick in the memory of your consumers - it will be their faces in the frame after all.

It is also an incredibly entertaining method of engaging with customers both old and new. This method is sure to continue to be trendy for a long time as social media grows more and more popular. Selfie frames are economical and easy for people to use, being versatile enough to be suitable for everything from business events to social gatherings.

Our selfie board printing is done in full colour direct to our durable foam board, and they can be cut to a bespoke shape and size of your choice.

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Selfie Frames and Selfie Boards

Selfie Frames are a great promotional tool for any event where social media is the focus. Our selfie boards are made from a durable and waterproof material and printed in full colour for a vibrant eye-catching picture. It makes the perfect tool for social media and brand exposure.

Our printed selfie frames are also ideal for use in photo booths where you want to raise awareness of your brand. They add instant entertainment to any event, in-store promotions, marketing events and much more. Available in two sizes and orientations, we can print in full colour using artwork of your choice. We also offer bespoke sizes in various shapes. To discuss any bespoke requirements please call us on 0113 205 5189.

In a world growing increasingly technological, people love a little bit of this being brought into the real world. Create real, physical engagement with your company or your brand and build potential customer relationships by ensuring they remember your brand with a picture in a selfie frame bespoke to your business. As well as being a lovely photo for your clientele, selfie frames are fantastic for your business due to the fact they create a vibrant brand awareness.

Don’t miss out on personalising your selfie frame for your event today. You could have an Instagram or Facebook theme or provide us with your own design. Our expert printers will ensure your brand truly stands out from the crowd. Social media is a goldmine for brand exposure and user-created content is a fantastic way of showing that your brand is one worth talking about.

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