EnviroDisplay is a polyester fabric made completely from recycled plastic bottles. It is ideal for tension frames, display stands, tablecloths and more. Printed using dye sublimation techniques, this frontlit fabric offers jaw dropping print quality. It contains absolutely no PVC, is 180gsm and is fire rate to both B1 and M1 certification.

A roll of EnviroDisplay uses over 5,000 plastic bottles in its production!

Speak to one of our specialists about what you're looking to achieve with your display fabric and how it fits in with your green journey. Call on 0113 205 5189 or email info@northernflags.com today!

EnviroDisplay is the country's leading green display fabric and it is perfect for:

  • Tension Graphics
  • Display Stands
  • Tablecloths
  • Car Reveal Covers
  • Display Banners
  • How is EnviroDisplay made?

    1. Recycled plastic bottles are sorted before being crushed and then baled.
    2. The bales are then transferred to the manufacturing plant, where theyʼre separated.
    3. After separation, the bottles are then ground down into fine flakes, using clean energy.
    4. The recycled flakes are then washed to remove bottle caps, labels or excess fluid.
    5. A vented extruder then converts these flakes into small plastic pellets.
    6. Once the pellets are ready, theyʼre then melted down and spun into a high quality yarn.
    7. The yarn is then woven into our fully recyclable, polyester display fabric EnviroDisplay

    Explore the rest of our Enviro range

    We have an eco-friendly alternative for every single product we offer. From flags, PVC free banners, Heras fence covers, rollers banners, feather flags and more to exclusive branding solutions for the construction, automotive, events, exhibitions, retail and sports industries!

    Just get in touch on 0113 205 5189 or info@northernflags.com and speak to one of our specialists about choosing a green product which will help take your business to the next level. So take ACTION NOW with our exclusive Enviro range!

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