Digitally Printed Flags - 02/07/19

All-Female Team Flying the Flag for the Womens' World Cup 2019

Digitally Printed Flags

Over the last few weeks, Northern Flags have been watching the amazing performances of the Women’s Football team for England during the World Cup. As a company, we are proud of how well the ladies have done in France and have worked on a project to celebrate the success of the team getting all the way to the semi-final. The ladies of Northern Flags have teamed together to create a Digitally Printed Flag to fly outside our Leeds office which shows our support and pride for England. The girls involved ran the project from start to finish - designing, printing, finishing and flying the flag, which will be outside our offices for the duration of the Women’s World Cup Tournament.

We were fortunate to have the BBC Look North Team down at our Leeds office to capture the process of how we make our Digitally Printed Flags from start to finish, with everyone involved in the process being filmed whilst working on their specified area of production. The day was successful and we got to show off all of the talent we have here at Northern Flags, as well as our wonderful Digitally Printed Flags that we are extremely proud of.

Starting within Marketing and Design, Sarah and Ella created the design for the flag: an outline drawing of a lioness on top of a print of the England flag, with the words “Lionesses, Pride of England” at the bottom. After designing our digitally printed flag, we sent it down to production to be printed by Paisley and Ruth - two of the print operators within our factory. The girls’ attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of this made the process seamless, meaning the flag was successfully passed to Jo - one of our talented seamstresses, who finished the flag so it was ready to put up the next day.

Women in the Industry

At Northern Flags, we have never been shy of showing our support for strong women, hence why this project in particular has been so important and prominent to us as a company. We are proud of the fact that 70% of our workforce is female, throughout all of our departments: accounting, orders, marketing and design, production and management. The manufacturing industry has just over 900,000 women, and we feel as though it is important to celebrate the fact that so many companies are focusing heavily on equality within the workplace, with numbers of women in industries such as manufacturing increasing every year. That is why we love celebrating women’s success in sports such as Football, as we love seeing women excel and inspire in jobs they are passionate about, no matter the role.

Digitally Printed Flags

With over 30 years’ experience in printing, we are confident that our flags are of the highest quality. Most of our flags - like our new Digitally Printed Lioness Flag - are bespoke, and personalised to individual specifications using dye sublimation methods on our digital printers. Because of the methods we use to print, and the strong and vibrant inks we print with, our Digitally Printed Flags have a minimum guaranteed 80% show-through, meaning a mirror image can be seen on the reverse of the flag, almost to the exact same quality as the correct side of the flag.

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