We offer two different types of EnviroBoard so that you can use display board branding, safe in the knowledge you're not causing any harm to the planet. EnviroBoard Indoor and EnviroBoard outdoor contain no PVC, plastics or harmful chemicals and are 100% recyclable.

EnviroBoard Outdoor has a cell structured core which gives solid rigidity whilst not increasing the weight of the product unnecessarily. The three-core gives it a sturdiness making it perfect for short-term external applications.

EnviroBoard Indoor is fantastic green alternative to traditional PVC foam board. Made from paper and card, it is easily recycled in the national paper and board waste streams. Vibrant print on rigid white board makes it perfect for double sided POS.

Speak with our specialist team about what you want to achieve with your display boards and green vision on 0113 205 5189 or send us an email at info@northernflags.com!

EnviroBoard is the country's foremost green rigid display board range and is ideal for:

  • Hanging Boards
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • POS Installations
  • Display Systems
  • Temporary Outdoor Signage
  • What are the benefits of EnviroBoard?

    1. The patented cell structure and fabrication makes EnviroBoard a uniquely strong display board.
    2. It is completely free of PVC and plastics!
    3. EnviroBoard is made from FSC® certified paper and fully recyclable.
    4. It is incredibly lightweight making it easy to print on and install for display.
    5. EnviroBoard's embossed paper core ensures maximum rigidity and meaning displays start flat and stay flat.
    6. EnviroBoard has been designed and produced specifically with responsible end-of-life disposal in mind.
    7. Perfect for both indoor promotional campaigns and short-term outdoor applications and signage..

    Explore the rest of our Enviro range

    We offer so much more than just eco-friendly display signage. We have sustainable solutions for each and every standard product we offer. From EnviroFlag, perfect for feather flags, wide format banners and traditional flags, to EnviroBanner, for roller banners, Heras fence covers and building wraps, all the way through to green rigid media or lightbox and tension graphic displays. We really can offer an eco-friendly solution to enhance your branding!

    No matter where you are on your green journey. We can help you with the exact specification so that you're meeting your eco goals, without impacting your budget or brand identity. Just give us a call on 0113 205 5189 or email info@northernflags.com today!

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