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Pavement advertising boards are a great promotional tool for companies looking to attract passing customers, give instructions to visitors or reinforce brand identity. Durable, portable and easily customised, Northern Flags pavement signs are the best on the market. Available either as an a-board or with a fillable water base, our pavement signs are an inexpensive yet effective method of increasing brand exposure. Available in different sizes, and with messaging on both sides, our a-board and water base pavement signs come with print quality that is second to none and will last whatever the weather conditions.

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Water Base

Fitted with a fillable base and digitally printed PVC on both sides, our water base pavement signs are incredibly durable and weatherproof. These portable pavement signs are able to withstand wind speeds up to 30kph, meaning you aren't the custom print artwork regardless of the conditions. This outdoor advertising sign is available in two sizes, 84.1cm x 59.4cm or 118.9cm x 84.1cm, but please enquire with our team if your requirements differ.


Made with an aluminium and steel double-sided poster frame and digitally printed PVC on both sides, our cost-effective A-Board pavement signs are lightweight while also withstanding wind speeds up to 25kph. Our A-Boards are available in two sizes of 59.6cm x 42cm or 84.1cm x 59.4cm. A-Boards are ideal outdoor advertising signs as they’re so mobile and easy to set up. Simply unfold the pavement sign and place it wherever you want!

If you’re not sure which pavement sign would suit your needs the most, our expert team can help you out. Just get in contact today on 0113 205 5189 or at and our expert advisors will be happy to help you decide. 


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