EnviroBanner looks exactly like PVC and has the same strength but it is completely free of both PVC and phthalate. Itʼs available both single and double sided and there is no compromise on the vibrant UV print quality. EnviroBanner is 360gsm and 50% lighter than PVC, reducing CO2 emissions during transport and making it easier to handle and install.

To speak to one of our specialists so they can assess your needs just call on 0113 205 5189 or send us an email at info@northernflags.com!

EnviroBanner is the perfect eco friendly material for you to begin your green journey and can be used for:

  • Display Banners
  • Roller Banners
  • Cafe Barriers
  • Lamppost Banners
  • What are the benefits of EnviroBanner?

    If all PVC banners sold in 2018 were replaced by EnviroBanner, it would save enough water to fill 1,750 Olympic size swimming pools. Replacing 1,000 sqm of PVC with EnviroBanner would save human carinogens equivalent to 1,450,000 packs of cigarettes. The CO2 emissions from 145,000 homes could be saved if all traditional PVC banners sold in 2018 were replaced by EnviroBanner. Despite being half as light, EnviroBanner still welds in exactly the same way as a PVC banner would. Compared to non-eco friendly alternatives, EnviroBanner can be incinerated safely without any harmful affects to the environment or personal health. The way that EnviroBanner is designed and produced is specifically geared towards responsible end-of-life disposal. EnviroBanner has strength, fire, health and safety and eco certifications.

    Explore the rest of the EnviroBanner? range

    Banners provide versatile, eye catching branding in a range of different solutions, from Heras fence covers to roller banners and much more. Eco friendly alternatives to PVC banners have the same look, strength and characteristics but they don’t have such a devastating impact on the environment.

    Talk to us on 0113 205 5189 or info@northernflags.com about what you’re trying to achieve with your branding and we can help you transition to one of the green banner options in our EnviroBanner range. All of our fabrics have different characteristics, so you can take ACTION NOW and choose the features you need!

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