Best Flag Material - 12/02/19

What is the Best Flag Material?

Beluthai Gala Night - Flags - Knitted Polyester

Northern Flags use a wide variety of materials for manufacturing flags and all of our selected flag materials have different qualities. We are here to help you choose the best flag material for depending on its intended use, whether you want a long lasting material which is great for external use or you require a lightweight flag material for internal use.

110gsm Knitted Polyester This is our standard, most popular flag material and is great for internal and external use. This flag is the perfect choice if you would prefer mirror image on the reverse of the flag. Northern Flags pride ourselves on excellent Showthrough, which means the colours on the reverse as vibrant as the front of the flag. Over 95% of all our flags are printed on 110gsm Knitted Polyester which means we have a lot of experience using the material and this is the most recommended material when it comes to flags. Whilst we recommend printing this fabric single sided due to the excellent showthrough, we have a lot of customer who prefer their flags to be double sided so the image is the same on both sides. For all double sided flags, we offer either a white or silver interliner.

115gsm Polystretch Polystretch is a mesh fabric which means that the wind can flow through the material more easily and it is more weather resistant than some other fabrics. If you have a very intricate flag design, this isn't the best material choice, due to the holes in the material you will lose the quality of the image. This material is often chosen for Barrier Scrims and Banner Rolls and is often seen outside Petrol Forecourts.

150gsm Woven Polyester Woven Polyester offers more of a traditional look to your flag and is more heavy duty than Knitted Polyester.

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