Fairlyn® Mesh

Fairlyn Mesh offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the most common banner and mesh fabrics, it has good recycling properties, PVC free and is sturdy and lightweight.

Features of Fairlyn Mesh
• The green alternative to PVC mesh. (PVC contains solvents and heavy metals)
• Weighs approximately 30% less (220g / m2) than PVC mesh (350g / m2)
• The lightweight material means less pressure, stress or damage to the facade
• Easier and safer to install (smaller teams)
• Stronger and more resilient material than PVC mesh, which simplifies installation (safety and costs).
• Fairlyn Mesh has the same wind permeable properties as PVC mesh.
• Great for a cold climate - (PVC Mesh, can harden and even crack when exposed to extreme cold).

Fairlyn Mesh is often used for: Banners for live events, or Barrier Jackets

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