Green Policy

FaberExposize UK – Environmental Policy

At the very heart of our business is a desire to ensure we minimise our & our partner client’s impact on the planet. We want to be sure that we constantly strive to take ‘Action Now’ and not tomorrow in the way we work, the materials we buy, the way we print, the waste we generate, the distribution miles we drive & the environment we work in. We have decided not to greenwash with non-cost-effective tree planting programmes or questionable carbon measurement contracts that deliver pretty pictures on social media. We have chosen to create a culture about Action and doing at the sharp end of our business (not just the marketing department). Continual common-sense actions every day mean we can make a real difference and compound to make a huge difference to our impact on our community and environment. Our team has 26 children between them – we want them to have a better environment than we have now!

Actions that work – what are we doing then? • Operate the most modern fleet of energy-efficient printers in the Industry, constantly investing to create greater efficiency. • Installed a fully insulated lowered ceiling in our production hall to minimise energy loss. • Created a Zero Landfill waste strategy by changing waste contractor. • Moved to a fully recycled energy provider. • Initiated better production planning to minimise waste through the production cycle – including printers with a more efficient setup. • Improve our supply chain with more stock on-site minimising carbon miles for deliveries. • Train our team to advise clients on the most effective specification for purpose – stopping over-specification. • Expand our supply chain to move as rapidly as possible to recycled media and media that are easily recyclable after use. • Ensure all inks are water-based with minimum impact on the planet. • Move the entire company vehicle fleet to Hybrid (for long-distance) and Electric. • Reduce packaging and utilise recycled board – Reuse packaging from our staff and our company! • Minimise water use in production and the office – Even the urinals are more efficient! • Ensure every quote gives customers the opportunity to move to a more environmentally sustainable media. • Ban disposable cups – have on tap filter water (no plastic bottles) – digital job management not A4 paper blizzards, etc. • Reward the team when they identify further initiatives that can help us have a better impact on the planet.

Action Now and tomorrow and the day after is at the heart of our business. We constantly evaluate our supply chain and our methods to ensure we continue to lead the Industry. Our Environmental Strategy bans complacency and encourages innovation and Action.

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