Heras Fence Scheme Branding Pack - Polystretch

£499.00 ex VAT

Heras fence covers and scrim is widely used by construction companies and new house builders and is a great way to promote a brand, a brands message or simply inform the general public of what is happening. Heras fence covers are the perfect choice for new housing developers as it can hide the building site yet advertise the brand or special offers within the development.

We print all scrims in the UK at our factory in Leeds and we therefore offer high quality products, with a quick turnaround time. All heras fence covers can be manufactured to any size and we use your our 35 years expertise to ensure your heras fence covers fit just perfectly onto your heras fence. We also offer heras banner rolls (supplied on a continuous roll rather than individual panels) should you wish.

Heras fence covers or heras banner rolls are easy to install and dismantle and not only is it simple to use but due to the dye sublimation print process, you can wash the heras fence covers and reuse your scrim making it great value for money.

Minimum Quantity :

10 x Heras Fence Panels - only £499

Don't miss out on our special offer - printed on our popular Polystretch (also known as Airmesh and Aeromesh fabric)

1.8m x 3.4m Heras Fence Panel
Digitally Printed
Polystretch / Aeromesh
Finished with eyelets all round

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