Feather Flag Experts

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of custom Feather Flags you can be assured of the quality and durability of our flags and frames. Finding the best flag for your needs is easy, due to the flexible, modular design and the range of sizes and styles we have available at Northern Flags.

Our custom feather flag printing service means you can have the design, logo, brand or image of your choice printed directly on your feather flags. We can supply templates that your designer can use to create your flag design, or we have an art working studio who can help you develop the design you require. The majority of our feather flag printing uses dye sublimation methods as this ensures a high quality print and excellent showthrough - giving a strong mirror image on the reverse.

Our custom feather flags are available in various sizes ranging from our smallest flag at 2m to our largest flag is 5.1m and we have seven flag styles available. Our feather flags are designed to last which is why our flags are manufactured with an elastic sleeve and supplied with click together aluminium frames, making them robust and prevents the flags from tearing through the edge of the flag.

Specification Our Feather Flags are often referred to as blade flags, bowhead flags, sail flags or windchasers but they are not to be confused with Carbon Fibre Feather Flags. We pride ourselves in not just the strength of the frame, but the quality of the flag to ensure the flag is made to last. Detailed below is the specification of the Flag and Frame:

  • Pole Diameter: 25mm
  • Pole Wall Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Fully rotating bases allowing the flag to rotate 360° in the wind
  • Strong black elastic sleeves to ensure longevity of the flag
  • Modular assembly, easy to extend by just adding an extra section
  • Carry Bags are available to pack the flag away making them great for events
  • Unrivalled dye sublimated printing with strong vibrant colour and excellent showthrough with a mirror image on reverse of flag

Frames Our click together aluminium frames are lightweight, robust and easy to assemble, available in three different styles in various sizes. They can be extended, with the use of extension poles should you require and in addition we can provide a range of flag bases so the flag can be used in grass or soft ground as well as on concrete and indoors.

Bases We have a wide range of bases to suit all ground conditions. The type of base depends on where and how the flag is to be used, the list below gives you the bases we have available and how they can be used.
  • Cross Base – for indoor use
  • Car Base – for automotive use
  • Ground Screw – for use in snow and ice
  • Ground Spike – for use in grass and soft ground
  • Ground Plate - for indoor use
  • Fillable Water Base – for indoor and outdoor use

For further information or images of our bases, please take a look at our Feather Flag Bases Range

Shapes & Styles We have various feather flag shapes and styles available which include Teardrop, Bow, Wing, Standard, Round, Winder and Urban shapes. Also known as Windchasers, Bowhead, Sail Flags and Blade Flags, they are popular for festivals, sporting events and promotions. They are printed in full colour and can be finished single sided or double sided making them ideal for Clubs, Councils, Roadshows, Charity and Sporting Events.

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